GRADE 7 & 8

DSC03088 Name: Mrs. Lucy Paczkowski - Birthdate : November 16th How long have you been teaching at HCS: 19th year Favorite color: Blue Favorite food: chocolate and fruit What do you like about the school: Smaller class sizes, eager students, and parents who are involved and care about their child’s faith and academic development. What is one of your favorite memories of being a teacher at HCS: One of my best memories was the surprise birthday party for me this past November put on by my fourth grade homeroom. I’m told they had been planning this from the first day of school. They all are truly a special group of children. Why would you send a student to HCS: I believe in a Catholic education. My husband and I, along with both our daughters, attended a Catholic grade school, high school and college. Faith and academics are lived, valued and stressed at HCS. How is being a teacher at HCS special: I know that I’m making a difference in the lives of the students I teach because faith and learning is integrated into everyday life within the classroom. Here we promote love in every word, respect in every action, and confidence in every heart.

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Parent Testimonials

Wilkum Family One of the things I appreciate most about HCS is how the kids interact with one another as if it is the most natural thing in the world. Thank you for being great role models for the kids and for encouraging them to be great role models for the younger kids. I know Gregory is a better person because of his interaction with the 'big' kids. It really does make HCS a great place.

Wagner Family We send our children to CPES for many reasons. Small class sizes allow the dedicated teachers at CPES to focus on individual student needs. Academic rigor and Catholic values are a given. Most important to me is the emphasis placed on respect and kindness each day at CPES.

Ditter Family We send our kids to CPES to build strong values in them. The smaller classes allow plenty of opportunities for us as parents to be involved in the school.

Student Testimonials

Owen Jacobs
I like CPES because you get super smart!

Adam Lisowe - past student
As a sophomore I feel I am a lot farther in my classes than students that came from the public school. I was taught very early in my education that I needed to be responsible for getting my work organized and done. I was taught very good study habits that have followed me through my current high school years. Thanks to CPES I am on track to completing several college credits in high school which will help me financially and academically in college. CPES also taught me to be a leader and volunteer in our community, which will help me in years to come when applying for scholarships. CPES laid down a solid foundation for me to build the rest of my education on. I am grateful to my parents for making the decision to send me to CPES because it made a huge difference in my schooling and my life.

Anna Jacobs
I like CPES because I learn about Jesus and all the good things he did.

Mackenzie Ditter
I like it because we get to go to church every week and the teachers are really nice.