CPES, now known as Holyland Catholic School, became a reality on April 28, 1969, when the first school board meeting was held. The parishes of St. Mary’s Parish, Marytown; St. John the Baptist Parish, Johnsburg; Holy Cross Parish, Mt. Calvary; and St. Cloud Parish, St. Cloud consolidated their parish schools into one school system. It was named the Consolidated Parochial Elementary School (CPES). St. Anna Parish came into the consolidation from 1970 to 1985. The first slate of officers were elected, and the immediate tasks at hand were to obtain projected enrollments, hire teachers, work out legal aspects, develop a budget, set up bussing schedules, and decide on parish funding. It was decided that each parish would maintain their respective school buildings. The New Holstein Reporter first used the abbreviated “CPES” when running articles about the school. Buildings needed to be upgraded, furnishings, equipment, textbooks, and library material had to be labeled and shifted to the various schools. The months of hard work and cooperation were rewarded in the fall of 1969 when CPES opened its doors for the first generation of CPES students. In mid-2015, the school was renamed to Holyland Catholic School.