HCS has committees which are in operation. These committees help to study the feasibility of programs for HCS, promote HCS in the communities, manage finances, increase the awareness of the school in the community and make recommendation to the School Advisory Council. The time and efforts of the members of these committees are greatly appreciated.


If you would like to…

  • Become involved in the school
  • Know more about the school and what is going on
  • Work with other parents to share your ideas, give input and feel a sense of ownership

Consider joining a committee. See the listing below for the committee’s and the programs they manage.


School Advisory Council

The Holyland Catholic School has a School Advisory Council comprised of members from all of the church sites of Our Lady of the Holyland Parish. In addition to parish representatives, the school prinicipal and the pastor serve on the school board.


The School Advisory Council serves as an advisory board to the school administration.

The following committees help to study the feasibility of programs for HCS, promote the school in the communities, manage finances, increase awareness and make recommendations to the School Advisory Council.


Development/Fundraising Committee
The purpose of this committee is the securing of resources needed to carry out the school’s mission. Responsibilities include organizing and running various fundraising efforts through out the school year.


Education Committee
This committee evaluates programs which might be used to enhance the curriculum at HCS. It also has the responsibility of any extra curricular sports that are offered and the After School Care Program.


Finance Committee
This committee is in charge of creating and managing the school budget. It also will evaluate any and all momentary needs for the school. It creates monthly financial statements, manages the trust fund and creates an annual report for the school.


Home and School Committee
Members are responsible for the hot lunch program that is served at our school. They also take charge of showing appreciation to the staff by offering to be the liaison between parents and staff. They also raise money through fundraising efforts to help offset costs for field trips, Christmas programs, spring concerts, and any other needs that the staff brings to their attention.


Recruitment/Public Relations
This combined group works to promote HCS through a number of recruitment, retention and public relations related activities. They maintain the HCS website, Facebook page, submit articles in local newspapers, host open houses at the school, coordinate spirit wear apparel, and coordinate school fun nights and other activities.