Name: Mrs. Kay Hellman –


Birthdate: September 2


How long have you been teaching at HCS: 12th year


Favorite color: aqua blue


Favorite food: A hamburger with all the fixins’


What do you like about the school: There are many things I like about the school, including the fact that the school is Catholic and faith-based and it is part of the parish community my family belongs to, the history of the school, my husband went to school here, his parents were involved in the school, our children have now gone here, and it is a community of people trying to achieve similar goals for their children.


What is one of your favorite memories of being a teacher at HCS: There are a lot of memories! The best part though is working with the students. When they have been working on something and they understand it and then they get that look on their face of “I get it”! There’s a light in their eyes and a big smile on their face=priceless!


Why would you send a student to HCS: I sent both of my children to HCS. My daughter was here from preschool through 8th grade and my son from preschool through 6th grade. There isn’t anything I would change about our experience here. Both children were well prepared for high school and middle school.


How is being a teacher at HCS special: You are definitely part of a school family. From the staff, to the students and parents, everyone is focused on making the school the best it can be for the well being of the student.


Parent Guide to WMELS (Wisconsin Model Early Learning Standards)

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