Being a new family entering school is hard! Take some of these tips from previous parents to get started.


Tip 1: Follow us on Facebook!


Tip 2: Want to earn money to pay your tuition? Get involved in the Scrip program through your local parish. It’s a great way to earn money towards your children’s tuition.


Tip 3: Wondering about school closures? Our school closes whenever New Holstein School District does – so look for that in the event of inclement weather. Occasionally we have made the decision to close on our own – but you would receive a call from the office if this is happening.


Tip 4: Starting in 4K your child will attend mass. Mass is usually on Wednesday and rotates between the sponsoring parishes, but is most often in Johnsburg. Family members can attend these masses. Transportation is provided if the mass is not in Johnsburg.


Tip 5: Want to get more involved? You are welcome to volunteer in the school, serve hot lunch, join a committee or accompany the kids on a field trip. There are many ways to get involved! However, you will be required by the Archdioceses of Milwaukee to attend the Safeguarding All God’s Family training before you can work within the school or with the students. Register or find a location to complete this requirement.


Tip 6: Fundraising is a critical part to help keep school tuition costs down. See the fundraisers we do throughout the year.


Tip 7: Before and After School Care is available. Check with the school office for more information.


Tip 8: Hot lunch is available! Hot lunch is something that is handled by our Home and School committee and is served by the parents and students. If you have time and would like to help, please talk to a committee member.