The following are current tuition rates:

$1,850 for first student
$1,650 for second student
$1,450 for third student


Student Fees for 3K & 4K:

$1,100 for two set days per week
$1,300 for three set days per week
$1,500 for four or five days per week


Holyland Catholic invoices each family a fee depending upon the number of students per family. If the family is not a member of one of the participating parishes, please contact the office for additional information.


Financial Aid
Holyland Catholic does offer financial aid to families which is available upon request. Once applied for, the application will be reviewed by the pastors, principal, and a member from the finance committee. All application materials are kept confidential. Assistance can be applied for on a yearly basis. To obtain additional information on financial aid, please contact the school office.


Tax Deduction for Private School Tuition
Have you heard about the latest tax deduction for private school tuition? It’s as follows: Check out the following link!


Application and Registration
To apply now contact our school office!